TVU MediaMind

The integrated and automated workflow solution for acquiring, indexing, producing and distributing live video content in the Cloud

TVU MediaMind uses a story-centric workflow to help broadcasters and media organizations streamline the process of producing and delivering live video to better align with the way viewer’s consume video content today. MediaMind incorporates proprietary technology automation and Artificial Intelligence throughout the workflow process from the shooting of video to the indexing of all video clips to production and sharing of video content customized for individual audiences. It consists of several AI driven components including contribution automation, real-time content search, Cloud-based production and IP-based distribution. MediaMind is designed to eliminate the barriers between social media, digital and broadcast production departments and revolutionize how media is produced, distributed and consumed within existing workflows.


TVU Contribution Automation (CAS)

TVU CAS is designed to streamline the capture and automatic metadata tagging of live video content. With CAS, all video acquisition resources, such as people and equipment, are identified for specific stories and tasks at the story creation stage. Assignments are automatically pushed to personnel in the field through connected devices. These devices include portable mobile transmitter equipment such as TVU One and TVU Anywhere as well as fixed equipment like TVU MLink. TVU CAS addresses today’s production needs by focusing on people and stories and not on machines and manual processes.



Real-time Content Search

Video content captured using TVU CAS is also automatically tagged with rich metadata. All location, sound and object data are precisely indexed during archiving. The metadata, such as story slug, and information are associated with the corresponding video content automatically and without manual involvement.

Using Artificial Intelligence with voice, face and object recognition, live video clips are identified and indexed right down to the exact frame, allowing users to find any content. Existing TVU customers can quickly utilize the real time search engine for all of their media assets. In addition, the search engine can be enabled with tens of thousands of TVU Transceivers deployed around the world.

Production in the Cloud

TVU MediaMind offers production solutions that are cost-effective, easy-to-use and highly scalable. TVU Producer is a cloud-based live event production system that minimizes the complexity and cost of covering multi-camera live video events from any location. Producer has been designed to allow different content to be created for different platforms or even audience groups from a WYSIWYG web interface. Professional production experience is not required to use TVU Producer.

TVU’s Remote Production System (RPS) delivers a cost-effective alternative for live remote synchronized multi-camera news and sports production with frame accurate sync by leveraging a broadcaster’s existing studio control room staff and equipment and a public Internet connection from the field. With TVU RPS, a broadcaster can achieve on-location live production without the need to deploy expensive production trucks, dedicated fiber or large on-site production crews.

TVU Timelock technology enables multiple TVU Transmitters to synchronize together at a set latency, allowing mobile and wireless At-home/REMI productions without being tethered. With TVU Timelock, broadcasters are able to do more live video production at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-location multi-camera production which typically requires much more equipment and personnel. Timelock permits multiple camera crews to roam throughout a production area covering live events and transmit using TVU mobile cellular transmitters like its TVU One to standard TVU Transceivers, which output synchronized SDI or IP outputs. TVU Timelock enables entire remote events to be produced from a control room in a separate location.

IP-based Distribution

The award-winning TVU Grid is a powerful, yet simple IP live video distribution solution that uses commodity Internet to transmit any kind of live video content to anyone and anywhere in the world. In addition, Grid allows you to send live video in real-time and simultaneously to multiple locations without needing to exponentially increase the transmission bit rate. With Grid, you can easily connect to a network of thousands of Grid-enabled broadcasters around the world and automatically share and receive video content, including sharing in a video pool feed. Grid uses software based HEVC for low latency and greater efficiency.

The Grid Marketplace enables broadcasters to acquire live video from different sources and seamlessly distribute it to thousands of Grid-enabled locations, as exemplified by major US broadcast networks such as CNN Newsource, which uses TVU Grid to make live video accessible to selected TV station partners.