TVU Router

Превосходный интернет где бы вы ни находились

TVU Router – это портативное устройство, которое предоставляет широкополосный доступ в Интернет и обеспечивает Вас безопасным, надежным, беспроводным и быстрым интернет-соединением в любое время и в любом месте со скоростью до 200 Мбит / с.

С помощью TVU Router пользователи могут принимать и передавать и файлы, транслировать видео, искать необходимую информацию на веб-сайтах или использовать любое подключенное IP-устройство или сервис для передачи данных. Роутер обеспечивает высокоскоростное IP-соединение путем объединения нескольких доступных каналов связи, включая 4G / LTE, спутниковое, Ethernet и WiFi-соединение. TVU Router оснащен технологией Inverse StatMux Plus для стабильного и надежного подключения.




“Что мне больше всего нравится в TVU Router – так это надежность. Он гарантированно обеспечивает превосходным интернет соединением каждый раз.”

Бен Чодор, Stream VPG


Надежное высокоскоростное подключение

TVU Router обеспечивает максимальную производительность и надежность по сравнению с другими мобильными сотовыми маршрутизаторами, которые используют одну сеть или объединенные сотовые сети. TVU Router применяет собственную агрегацию и сетевое ускорение с технологией IS+, которая обеспечивает самую лучшую производительность в отрасли.

TVU Router используется во многих отраслях

  • Event Connectivity
    Event Connectivity
    TVU Router provides a, cost-effective high-speed, mobile broadband Internet connectivity to events. Whether it’s an event with 20 people to hundreds, indoors or outdoors, TVU Router delivers reliable Internet to power public and private WiFi, point of sale, digital signage, credentialing, video streaming, and other event specific applications. Avoid expensive event provided network drops with TVU Router.
  • Business Continuity
    Business Continuity
    TVU Router delivers reliable and fast internet connectivity to your business in case of an unplanned outage, providing network failover contingency. Short outages or longer service disruptions caused by weather, human error, or construction accidents can be disruptive, catastrophic and costly to your business operations. TVU Router ensures business continuity and works with your existing primary network and delivers a cost effective seamless failover solution for your enterprise.
  • Retail
    TVU Router delivers secure, reliable and fast internet connectivity for today’s retail connected infrastructure. TVU Router can provide primary or failover connectivity to your store to avoid costly downtime. With always on availability, stores can have access to POS, marketing analytics, real-time inventory, digital signage, and other smart store applications. Whether you are operating a brick and mortar, pop-up, store in a store, or kiosk, TVU Router keeps your retail operations connected.
  • Transportation
    TVU Router delivers reliable mobile broadband connectivity to mass transportation vehicles. With multi-cellular and multi-carrier link aggregation, TVU Router provides uninterrupted Internet connectivity for transit vehicles to power mission critical applications including GPS location tracking and traffic alerts, real time route scheduling, ticketing system, digital signage, and passenger WiFi. TVU Router enables the connected bus and connected train for improved transit efficiency.
  • Vehicle Fleets
    Vehicle Fleets
    TVU Router delivers reliable high speed connectivity to your fleet vehicles. Using multi-cellular, multi-carrier link aggregation, TVU Router minimizes carrier specific dead spots ensuring continuous coverage for your fleet. Whether it’s GPS tracking, telematics, distracted driving monitoring, or live video monitoring of precious cargo, TVU Router keeps your fleet connected and rolling.
  • Construction
    TVU Router delivers reliable high speed internet to construction sites where no wired internet connectivity is available. Whether in the city or out in a rural location, construction managers can access 3D architectural plans, real time delivery and work schedules, surveillance camera information, and other mission critical enterprise applications. TVU Router keeps construction projects connected and on schedule.
  • Public Safety
    Public Safety
    TVU Router delivers reliable high speed connectivity to public safety agencies and first responders to support mission critical communications. Police, fire, and emergency medical teams require ruggedized, portable, and always available connectivity to access applications and the Internet from anywhere. TVU Router has advanced 4G LTE support and upgradeable to support band 14 and FirstNet’s National Public Safety Broadband Network.
  • Broadcast
    TVU Router delivers reliable, low latency and high speed connectivity critical to covering live events in full HD. With a compact and portable design, TVU router is perfect for capturing breaking, developing, and fast moving events. In addition, live streaming and large video file transfers from the field are also possible with TVU Router.


Интегрировано с популярными приложениями и оборудованием

Интеграция с Aspera и FileCatalyst

TVU Router совместим с высокоскоростными приложениями для передачи файлов, такими как Aspera и FileCatalyst®.




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